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When I feel sad, reach out to me

While traveling in South America I have found that there are females who would like to help me when I feel sad and depressed, but they don't know what to do. So I wrote this:


If I say I feel sad, or if you see that I feel sad, please reach out and put your hand on me to give me reassurance you won't leave me when I need you the most.

Please don't say something like "Don't be sad" or "Everyone gets sad sometimes" or "I don't want you to feel sad."

What you can say instead is something like:

I'd like to help. how can I help?
Can you tell me one of the reasons you feel so sad?
How sad from 0 to 10?
Would you like a hug?

Or if you understand why I feel sad, tell me "I understand" and just reach out to put your hand on me or offer me a hug


S. Hein
Jan 5, 2005
Chiclayo, Peru


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