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Assessing the predictive validity of emotional intelligence

Newsome, S., Day, A.L. & Catano, V.M. (2000). Personality & Individual Differences, 29(6), 1005-1016.

Steve's note: This article uses the Bar-On EQi as the only measure of emotional intelligence. Therefore it is in no way indicative of the possible predictive validity of the Mayer Salovey Caruso model of emotional intelligence. As other researchers have concluded or speculated, it concludes that the Bar-On test is nothing new. In other words, it is not measuring much of anything which is not already measured by existing personality tests. And it concludes that the Bar-On test has no predictive validity when it comes to getting good grades in school. In the words of the authors there is "no support" for the claims made in the Bar-On manual which is published by the marketers of the Bar-On test, MHS.

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