Air Crash Investigations


Ayer I started telling Ibraim about non-violent communication or Paulish.

I told him one of the ideas was to just say what you need instead of talking badly about the other person.

Later I heard him sending a whatsapp message to Veronica saying he needed a translator.

Veronica is the psychologist from Salto, I think.

Not long after that a woman came up and started talking to Ibraim, Very quickly the conversation turned into a shouting match. I would say that the woman was trying to control Ibraim by interrupting him and saying things like "para" - stop, and "escuchame" listen to me.

Later I heard her say "Es lo que hay."

She kept repeating that they would give him access to a translator over the phone and nothing else. Ibraim kept repeating that he needed a translator in person. She got very frustrated and said something like "Then there is no point talking to you." I found that ironic because the press release put out by the press room or sala prensa said something like the family refused to dialog with the "technical staff" from the DDHH. Or the Secretary of Human Rights.

Tonight I was thinking more about this concept of "rights". I have been writing about "rights vs needs" for about 20 years. My conclusion is that it is more helpful to talk about needs than rights.

Here are some of my thoughts that I made tonight on "rights"

Rights - did they receive a list of their rights?
Did they get anything in writing? - Before they came, when they arrived or since then?

Do they have a right to a translator?
Do they have a right to a translator who is present with them or just a right to a translator by phone?
Do they have a right to a translator by phone 24 hours?

Do they have a right to any kind of legal representation?

Do they have a right to chose what kind of school the children go to?

Do they have a right to a job?

Do they have a right to a job of their choice?

Do they have a right to a job that pays them what they feel satisfied with?

Do they have a right to education about emotional literacy, non-violent communication and conflict resolution?

Do they have a right to education about emotional and psychological abuse and abuse of power?

The idea of an investigation is to understand what happened to prevent future accidents. It is not to blame or punish anyone. This was people are more likely to tell the truth during the investigation. I learned about this from Priscilla.  

Priscilla loved to watch airplane crash investigations. That is how I learned about them and how no one gets punished because of their investigation. The goal is only to prevent future accidents.

I learned a lot from her.

Here is a pic of Priscilla when she was helping me at my hostel in Montenegro, around 2009. She is on the right.