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i just posted something to aces... i dont expect much empathy - jane stevens wanted me to go see a "professional" but i know they wont show or feel much empathy

why? because they feel defensive.

why? because they are part of the system which is causing me pain. so they are part of the reason i am in pain.

we need empathy to change things - things which require the help of others.

if a person feels the same pain they will be motivated to try to help u stop it. if. if they understand the cause of the pain the same way u do.

s hein may 12 2014

more thoughts

psychologists, and pretty much everyone, wants me to fit into the system. to go along with it. to not feel pain from it. to not complain, to not bother them.

but i dont want to fit in etc. i want to change it. so they are not going to help me. and i am not going to help them keep the status quo.

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