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Throw Them All Out


Nov 30, 2016

I feel more and more disillusioned and discouraged when I read things like this. It seems all to be true.

It is a book about how politicians in the USA use their positions and inside information to make money - lots of money.

Yesterday when I was reading about the so called Doctrine of Discovery- which basically "legitimizes" or justifies occupying the land being used and lived on by others who are not Christians - I had this thought:

The United States government has lot's its legitimacy.

That is all I will say for now.

Here is a full text copy of the book, btw, but please buy a copy if you can afrord it. (Saying this helps me feel less guilty for putting the full copy on my site and helps me feel a little less afraid I will get in trouble for it. And I do feel supportive of the author's work. He did a *lot* of work.)


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