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Susan David

Nov 29, 2016

Recently I discovered someone named Susan David. I am interested in her because she is writing about feelings for the business market. She has been writing in the Harvard Business Review. Which I used to subscribe to back in the days before the Internet, shortly after I got my MBA degree awarded to me from the U of Texas Austin.

I just sent her a tweet which said

Hi S. Am curious how u feel about Standing Rock protests & curious what u need & how u feel making a post about it.

I also sent her a tweet which links to this page about the relationship between our feelings and needs


She is an author and business consultant. I also used to do some business consulting and I would like to do more. But I would like to consult on very different things now. I see the world differently now than I did in my twenties when I was a business consultant and making a lot of money.

I would like to have an ongoing dialogue with her, or at least keep offering her things to consider. So far she has responded to one of my tweets to her. And she has not responded to at least one - the one where I tweeted something like validation saves lives. (And here is my page on invalidation - I'd like to invite her to google invalidation - usually my site is one of the first few. It was number one for years, something I am proud of )

She doesn't know, probably, that I have worked with saving the lives of hundreds of depressed teenagers. She probably also doesn't know what I believe about depression, especially depression in young people. And she probably doesn't know I started to cut my own wrist back around 2011 in Australia when I was feeling so depressed about life and my relationship with my then partner Priscilla. She probably also doesn't know I feel depressed frequently or that I believe I know almost exactly what depresses me and what helps undepress me.

So I am making this page partly to try to get her attention, to get her interested in my work, and partly to show people what she is doing. - But mostly to get her attention :)

Anyhow here are some of her articles... but first, here is the video where I first discovered her. I don't remember how I found it...

She talks about the "tyranny of positivity"


Later, btw I found a video called "Smile or die: The tyranny of positive thinking" by Barbara Ehrenreich


Dec 1 2016 - Today while working on my Stephen Covey page, I found my page on Randi Noyes. It seems Susan and Randi know each other. They have a few things in common and seem to share tweets. They both are interested in the emotional aspects of business and they both are not originally from the USA. And they both are now management consultans for some big companites in the USA and I assume other countries.

I would feel good if they use some of my ideas :) I have learned a lot since I met Randi back around 2001. At that time David Caruso was still talking ot me haha.


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Later I made a page called Smile or Die - it has a very creepy, but well made, video.  
Some notes from Susan's video

"be present and make space

laughed a bit at this These are two of the current buzzwords or buss expressions going around these days.

Susan uses them together in her video at about 3:10

I would be happy to explain to her why I laugh at these expressions if she is curious and let's me know!

4:55 a better way to focus on happiness is for us not to be focused on the goal of happiness per se, but rather what it is that we value, what it is that is important to us intrinsically...

she comes close to saying "what we need" but doesn't actually say it...

she says "happiness becomes an outstanding by"product of that focus."

so this si similar to saying happiness is a byproduct of needs being met.

RSA video of Barbara E's talk