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March 2, 2017

Investing vs spending.

I am thinking of ___ again. I don't even want to spell it out. It is too painful. It starts with a "d" or a capital D.

It is a state. A small state in the USA. People there took my stock and sold it a few years ago. I am not sure how many years ago because I am not sure where my files are. My digital files I mean. I have some paper copies back in Uruguay but I am in Brazil now. A small town called Santa Rosa. In a small hotel called Hotel Avenida. It reminds me a bit of the hotel I used to stay in for a while in Paysandu, Uruguay. It was one of the addresses on some paper that the state of D... sent me - back when they were demanding that I return some letter to them. They threatened me with taking my stock if I didn't return it. But one problem is, I didn't get the letter. It was send to my temporary address in Australia. A friend of mine Jon Lewis, a photographer, was holding my mail for me. I didn't get it till several years later when I went back, with Priscilla.

So anyhow, ....... but first I'd like to say that I would really like the peope in Delaware to know a little more about me.. to know who Priscilla is for example. She was my girlfriend, my partner, my best friend for a few years. from about 2009 to about 2014. She nearly killed herself as a teenager. She found my website because she was looking for sites about teen suicide.

I don't think the people in D.... know about my work with suicidal teens. I don't think they know that I cut my own wrist back in about 2011. I don't think they care much either. In fact, I don't think they care much about me at all.

This bothers me.

A lot.

I don't like how people, for example, people I call "gover-bullies", control other people without caring sufficiently about them.

I would like the people in D... to read this article of mine about caring vs control.

And I would also like to say something about investing vs spending.

I just did a little searching about the difference. One guy said when you invest your money you still have it (unless the state of delaware takes it of course). But he didnt say that.

Anyhow, when you spend your money, it is just gone.

So I would say I am spending my time, and some of my money, trying to get my money back from the people I will call theives in Delaware.

i know I "shouldn't" call them theives. MBR said not to use the verb to be. But for now I will. I want to express a bit of my intense - let me say INTENSE pain at what they are doing and have done to me.

Intense resentment.



I think of the guy who flew his airplane into a government building in Texas.

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