Taking Emotional Abuse Seriously - This page is dedicated to Alex S. - a teen whose school counselor did not take his emotional abuse seriously.  
Here is a post I made on an abuse site called Fort Refuge - it is awaiting approval. Later I will post the link

Hi everyone - I found this forum when i googled "taking emotional abuse seriously" - I found a link to a post that has been archived, so it seems I can't add to that thread. (I will put the link below) - So I decided to start a new one.

I have been running an online support group for emotionally abused teens for a long time. Recently a teen wrote me for help and to make a long story short, it became clear her school counselor was not taking the emotional abuse she is receiving seriously. The source of the abuse is the mother in this case. Instead of really helping the student, the counselor basically defended, excused and justified the mother's behavior while telling the teen to just deal with it.

This teen is at a high risk of suicide already so I am very concerned and at least wanted to tell as many people as I can that emotional abuse can definitely lead to depression, self harm and suicide among youth, if not adults.

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By the way, the mother has said things like "I wish you had never been born."

I suspect that does more psychological damage to someone than a physical beating as a form of punishment. If you are being beaten for something you know what you did, you can at least tie it to that one incident. But hearing "I wish you had never been born" is such a sweeping condemnation of your entire existence.


When I looked at some more search results for "taking emotional abuse seriously" I found this on one page

Giving them a reason to fear any human they come in contact with...

That brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of Priscilla- who had all the symptoms of what is commonly called social anxiety disorder - her parents were extremely abusive and neglectful.



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