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Help for Emotionally Abusive Mothers


I have been writing about emotionally abusive mothers for about 20 years. More...

Immediate Action Steps

Note: I will be referring to "teens," since that is what I have the most experience with.

Encourage your teen to do research on emotional abuse, toxic parents, verbally abusive, and emotionally abusive mothers.

Find at least on other person to support you and your teen through this process.

Allow and encourage your teen to start making audio tapes of your conversations and arguments.

Think about things you feel guilty for doing and apologize to your teen for the specific things you have done.

Ask them what else has hurt them.

Use the "modified talking stick" technique.

Study the list of human emotional needs.

Show the list of human emotional needs to your teen.

Show the list of common negative feelings to your teen. Ask them to select the feelings which apply to them.

Don't threaten your teen.

Don't punish your teen.

Learn about the differences between natural and man-made or fabricated consequences.

Learn what invalidation is.

Show your teen websites about invalidation.

Stop invalidating your teen.

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I have been writing about emotionally abusive mothers for about 20 years.

I started doing this because emotionally abused teenagers started sharing their stories with me beginning with a neighbor of mine in Indiana name Zoey.

Today I decided to start to write something which I will offer to help them. I decided to do this because of one mother in particular. I will call her Beth. Her teenage son, who I will call Ryan, wrote to me some months ago asking for help. I got very involved in the case and to make a long story short, I got so involved that it has motivate me to start this page. I will share more details of that case later or if I start to work with someone. My idea right now is to offer a lot of free advice and also offer coaching or consulting for an affordable price if someone wants more help.

btw - today when I started this page I searched google for the words "Help for Emotionally Abusive Mothers"

I found there were no results. Below is a screen shot.