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I get energy from emotional support.


Today I realized I was feeling low on energy - a lot of pain, a lot of unmet emotional needs, to the point of feeling a little suicidal again. I eventually realized I have gotten almost no emotional support so far today, and a lot of stuff happened yesterday and there are still lingering pains from other painful things, like my old friend John B not replying to me. So I feel loss from that. It has been a few days now. I don't know why exactly. I can guess a few reasons but he hasnt told me any. He just went silent, as so msny people have done. I also feel pain from what happened at the hostel in Punta del Este. With the controlling female from Brazil. See note below

Anyhow I realized I get energy from emotional support so I decided to search it.

Here is the search and the result:

Nov 27, 2016
S. Hein

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I listened to a little talk by Kit something ayer.
One thing she said was to focus more on the system than the person.

So this is not so much about Raquel She is kind of an innocent victim.

Kit Thompson? from the Gandhi institute.org, i think, said, I think that MLK or Gandhi most people put 90 percent of their attention on the person and 10 on the system. They said to reverse that.

I would say most people put closer to 99 or 100 percent of their attention on the person. For example, I think Raquel is a bitch. But it is not much about Raquel. She is being used by the higher ups. First is Julia. Then Julia's bosses/ Then the owners of the building, the owners of the country etc.