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Hillary Adams and Her Father
Analysis of YouTube Comments

Hillay says that she wants her father to get help. She doesn't want him to go to jail. At the same time she also doesn't want him being a judge any more. I agree with her on both issues.

Today a volunteer went through about 50 comments from the YouTube video to see how many people wanted him to get help versus how many wanted to hurt him, i.e. beat him etc.

One of the problems in American society is many Americans believe more violence is the best to stop violence. This reminds us of the quote "Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity."

Anyone who knows a little about psychology knows that the overwhelming number of studies show that violence leads to more violence.

Yet many xx ? the majority? people who watched the video and left comments are fully in favor of hurting the father, often in very violent ways.

One can feel fairly sure that Judge Adams himself was hit or beaten by his father. And one can also fee sure that Judge Adams would say, "I got disciplined by my father and I turned out ok. Look at me. I am a successful, respected judge."

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Those Who Want William Adams to Be Hurt Those Who Want Adams to Be Helped
this guy needs me? to teach him what pain is all about.  
both the mother and father need to be charged with child abuse  
Parents like this should go to? jail--after they are sterilized so they can't have any more children.  
That sonofabitch "judge" no longer has the right to draw breath  
Sick Texas fucks. ? Those two ought to be arrested.  
I would fucking kill em both  
I would love to find that son of a bitch in a dark alley, let him try that shit on me, I would beat his ass worse then he did her. Sick ass hole he needs to rot in hell  



People who think Hillary should have just obeyed or that she deserved it...

I do think that she could have just complied with the initial punishment and it would not have been so severe.  
SHE DESERVES IT...He warned her to behave and there are rules but the typical Ameircans brat that she is, she wanted to do be Free... If more Americans disciplines their kids, then we would have a descent America.. These spoiled kids grow up to be the future skanks, and to mention the future skanks of America with high positions.. These are the kinds of comments that make me scared for the world. People like this can vote in the USA - the most powerful, and dangerous country in the history of mankind.


Blaming the victim


There is probably more to this. If she was crazy enough to hide a camera, she? was more than likely doing some pretty shifty stuff to begin with This person obviously doesn't understand anything about abuse.

It helps show the need for education about abuse, including emotional abuse.