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Here are D's values, with my comments. "Y" means yes, i agree. And here is my page on values - Steve


from http://wildtruth.net/my-values/

Exploring one’s inner self. - y

Building a strong, conscious, honest relationship with oneself. - y

Being willing to look at painful or ugly sides of oneself. - y

Having courage; that is, taking action in spite of one’s own fears. - y though i dont call this courage.

Being willing to admit errors and then struggling to change them. - y

Exercising one’s ability to view things from different perspectives. - y

Taking radical distance from one’s family of origin. - depends if they were/are abusive, damaging

Being financially independent. - y

Respecting others’ true selves. - y but i dont call it true self. i would just say their feelings, needs i guess

Experimenting, including engaging in healthy risk-taking. - y but seems similar to one above about courage

Being confident enough to live in the flux of insecurity. - hmm

Having strong sexual boundaries. - hmm not sure why this is a value - sounds more like a fear of something

Loving nature, wilderness, wildlife, and the non-human natural world. - y

Having broad-ranging intellectual curiosity. - y and just curiosity in general, understanding

Making sacrifices to achieve an important goal. - hmm sort of

Taking a public stand. - sort of but not as much as dm

Living a healthy physical life, including eating well, keeping appropriately active, and getting a good night’s sleep. - yes but i wouldnt say appropriately. and i dont get a "good night's sleep: in fact i do most of my best thinking and writing at night.

Loving children. - y but not just loving them. but i think i get what he means

Recognizing the insanity in people having children before they have healed their own traumas. - hmm i wouldnt call it insanity

Having fun. - when possible, ie when i am not depressed or my partner is depressed. extension of that is when anyone i care about is depressed or when anyone anywhere is in pain or being killed etc. or killing themseles, self harming. so that would mean never having fun... which wouldnt be healthy for me. but in general i am not much into having fun. for me it is like having "fun" once you realize the titantic is heading towards the iceberg.