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Was Alice Miller Emotionally Abusve?


I am going to ask a question that, according to Google, has never been asked.

I am going to ask:

Was Alice Miller emotionally abusve?

If I were to ask Barbra Rogers, or some people who knew about the conflict (see for example she and Alice had, I feel certain their answer would be yes.

So, where does that leave us? How is it possible that someone who wrote so much about abuse, who understood it so well and its roots, could herself be called emotionally abusive?

I plan to write about this more later, but I wanted to get the ball rolling, as the saying goes, with this.

S. Hein
Oct 3, 2013


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Alice Miller was emotionally abusive.

Alice Miller is emotionally abusive.

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Part 2

I have been reading some of Sylvie's blog.. someone has pointed out that Alice grew and changed over her lifetime. So I need to clarify at what point in time I am talking about. Do I mean was she ever emotionally abusive, for example before her awareness level increased exponentially? Or do I mean was she emotionally abusive towards the end of her life?

I feel a bit sad to say that I am referring to the latter stages of her life. After she had written all or most of her books,and when she had a major conflict with her former assistant, Barbara Rogers.

S. Hein
Oct 3, 2013