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Our Dream

My Partner and I have a dream...

We have a dream to create a small community. A community of people who agree with, believe in, support and apply the ideas on this website.

Our plan is to get to know someone online for several months or more before we invite them to spend time with us.

We feel a need to be very selective in who we invite because we are both so sensitive.

Steve and Priscilla
Sept, 2013

Core Components of EQI.org

Respect | Empathy
Caring | Listening

Other EQI.org Topics:

Emotional Literacy
Invalidation | Hugs
Emotional Abuse |
Feeling Words
Depression |Education
Emotional Intelligence
Parenting | Personal Growth

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I created this page today, Sept 5, 2013 because....to remind me.. the file is in uruguay and begins with "f"