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Hi Steve - My name is Dave Halligan, and I found your website on my internet/research travels in search of answers to coaching parents. Your content is excellent, and I am delighted to have found you....

New Zealand -

Jolette Jai

Lisa of Flower Feelings

Lynn Lott - We used a quote from her on our Emotional Honesty page, and in our 2010 book

Jordan Riak has been working single-handedly for years trying to help end corporal punishment (spanking, paddling, etc.) in the USA.

My name is Brandy Shirley and I came across your site when doing research
for emotional abuse. I have to say how impressed I am with your insights,
beliefs, and view on children. I have a website called
www.relationship-with-self.com and it's all about how to build a better
relationship with yourself. My whole goal in life is to teach others the
importance of loving yourself; and my main goal is to get into the school
systems to teach children how to honor their feelings, how to improve their
self-esteem, and how to communicate to others in a loving, assertive way.

I believe that mental illness, suicide, self-mutilation, abuse, divorces, and
all other unfortunate events are all a result of having a poor, unhealthy
relationship with oneself (and of course, I believe this is learned b/c I
believe we are born in love)! I believe if the school made a self-esteem
class a priority like English and Math classes are, it would sure make a
difference in the well-being of others. Anyways, I just wanted to let you
know how much I love your site and will add it to my site when I get the

Take care,

And by the way, I commend you for traveling around the world and observing!
What an amazing opportunity! And since I'm only 28 years old, I'm going to
definitely take the chance to travel around the world when the time is right!
http://ctpm.sitesell.com/ Site builder. Suggested by Jamilah, Malaysia  
Jonathan Podolsky- He made a donation and asked for our guide to developing EI - Producer of...
Diana Dentinger
Charles Moffat

David Styles - We met while travelling. Very interesting. Said dong what we love can be a solution to capitalism problems.



We also have an idea of helping teenagers start their own businesses, boost their self-esteems etc. Basically its like this, if you are a depressed teen, in particular, or any teen, and you can draw, paint, or write poetry or something, then we will promote your stuff on our site, at no charge to you. You create a PayPal account and the money will go straight into your account. We just promote you.

We know for sure that many teens are very creative and talented, but they are also "different" so they sometimes have problems because of that. We actually believe this idea could possibly save the life of a teen who is very depressed, but talented. He or she may see that people value their art, writing or whatever, and thereby they will feel less worthless, less pessimistic and dark about the future. So we want to give this idea a try. Here is one example It is from our volunteer who we call P. She drew this from a photo of him. He is Valentin from Austria. If you'd like to write to P you can find her email address on www.whatdepresses.me She is also happy to draw portraits for a small donation if you want to send her a photo.



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