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Emotionally Abusive Parents
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Emotionally abusive parents cause self-harm

I have been talking to a friend recently who recognized what my parents (and step-parents!) were doing to me as emotional abuse (I'm 22).

I tried for weeks to deny this but eventually hit rock bottom. I have self-harmed for years and  this particular day was suicidal, I was forced to consider that what she was saying might actually be true. I did a search online and came across the EQI.org site. Everything on there resonated with what was happening exactly at home.

I can officially say finding that site saved my life and I would like to thank you, not only for that but for helping me realize the truth about what was happening no matter how much that realization hurts. It's easier to blame myself than it is to blame them but that's not the way to help me move forward in my life now.

Thank you

We could also say, "Emotionally abusive parents cause cutting."


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