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Some people think credentials are important. Some people think titles and degrees are important. Some people want to know where I went to school.

So for them, and to save myself from having to answer these kinds of emails, I will write this little section.

I went to school at Indiana University. I won't tell you what I majored in, but I will say it wasn't psychology. (And I am thankful for that!) But I will tell you I was in the honors program. If you don't believe me you can write to Julia Bondanella. You can also read this page http://eqi.org/garnier.htm

I was taking masters level classes as an undergrad. I graduated with something like a 3.8 average out of 4.0. This was good enough to give me a diploma "with honors."

Then I worked for two years. Then I went to the University of Texas and got a Masters degree. I again graduated with honors. I graduated in the top 2% of my class in fact. They gave me some honor called a "Sord Scholar" for this.

I did not major in psychology. But hopefully, this is enough to show you that I have the ability to learn. To perform well in an "academic" setting.

It shows that if I want to learn something, I can. And since about 1995 I have wanted to learn about feelings and emotional intelligence. A couple years before that I wanted to learn about personal growth, family systems, how families screw up kids. Here are some of the books I have read. Books I read on my own, that were never assigned in school.

I'd give myself an "A" and again say I graduated with honors in these. But actually I haven't "graduated". I am still learning.

I am learning in the school of life, of the world, of traveling, of observing, of listening. I give myself a good grade in this school too.

I also have a little piece of paper somewhere in Canada that says I am a trained suicide prevention counselor. Some will say, a six week course is not enough. But ask some of the teenagers I have helped if they think it is enough. Or their own school counselor.

I will be happy to take the challenge of comparing myself with any highschool counselor in the world. Just send me the teenagers. Give them my email address.

And I have listened to teenagers around the world, for hours and hours and hours, without giving them advice or threatening to tell their parents things they have told me. And I have watched how adults treat children and teens. And taken careful notes. Here are a few of the stories I have documented.

Child Advocacy page 1
Child Advocacy page 2
Child Advocacy page 3

And if by chance you want to help teenagers, read my site. Don't go to a university. That is if helping teenagers is more important to you than image, status, degrees, titles, offices and money.

But if you want more credentials, here are a few more...

In 1996 I published the book "EQ for Everybody" (Library of Congress CIP Number 96-095131 ISBN 0-9655393-0-X). I believe it was the second book published in the world about emotional intelligence.
I have published several articles in other publications over the years.
Here is one I wrote for www.HR.com (if you want to check to see I am not lying, look at this link, then look on the right hand column to see it was written by me)

If that is not enough to satisfy those who question my credentials, nothing probably ever will be, unless I win the Noble prize or something some day, like my friend in Australia said I should when she was 16. But then again, what would a 16 year old know? She doesn't have any credentials.

S. Hein
Lima, Peru
March 1, 2005