This was the last pic in my camera before I left Salta....

Jack in Salta on his way to the bus station.




Pics from Bolivia


Sign from bus station in La Paz

Travel Advice

Tourist Police Recommends

When you are visiting the city and somebody approaches you with civilian clothes carrying police credentials, don't believe them, because they are theives who use false documents and vehicles to steal.

In an emergency, request help from policemen in green uniforms. If there aren't any around scream to attract the attention of someone.

You don't give your credit card, pin number to anyone.

When you take a taxi, write down or remember the registration plate number and color of the vehicle.

Don't give anybody your belongings (back packs) etc. for cheking. They may try to steal them.

If you are spit on or squirted with ketchp etc, do not allow a friendly stranger to help you clean up. They are trying to steal your belongings. Clean yourself up and walk away.

When somebody approaches you trait to remmeber their physical description.

If you ned help, touris information or security dial this number:

Tourist police 2 225016 or Patrol Car 110