Some main ideas  
Since I don't think I will be around much longer I am thinking of some of the most important ideas I'd like to share. Here is the beginning of that.  
Cooperation Competition Caring Control 4C's  
What if....

-- We taught young people how to cooperate. If we encouraged them to. And even rewarded them for cooperating instead of for competing?

-- If we treated young people in ways that they felt more cared about and less controlled than in the current systems?

I believe these 4C's need to be talked about together to improve society.

I believe we would see big improvements if we increased caring and cooperation.

I believe children and teens

- need to feel cared about

- naturally are cooperative

Understanding vs Judging

I believe we would see major improvements in society if we taught young people how to listen and understand instead of judge or debate.


One of my most valuable insights, which I call the AR3 principle, is: Accepting Responsibility Releases Resentment

Sometimes when I find myself feeling resentful, or bitter, which is often a more intense indication of resentment, I remind myself of this. I then begin to search for ways in which I was responsible for contributing to the development of the situation.

It has been extraordinarily helpful in avoiding placing "blame" on other people and on focussing my attention on my own areas for improvement, growth and learning.

One useful way for me to reduce my resentment is to focus on how I contributed to the situation and what I could have done to prevent it. In other words, to take responsibility. I learned this after one particularly painful relationship.

I don't believe in "magic," but the word magical comes to mind. The power of these words, when applied, is indeed seemingly supernatural. Yet, nature has evolved certain truths, certain relationships in her complex web of life. These truths when discovered, seem like magic at first only because so few people have discovered them for themselves.

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