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Would an Educated Person Hit a Child?


I often wonder what it means to be "educated." I was wondering whether an educated person would drink Coca Cola, for example. In other words, if they were taught the following things

- it is unnecessary

- it is unhealthy

- the people who make and sell it don't care about us. they care about money.

- the people who control the company (the stockholders) have more money than they need to live on (since people only buy stock when they have extra money to invest and want to make more money)

Below is my google search result for "Would an educated person drink Coca Cola" and here is my search result for

"Would an educated person hit a child?" The results indicate that we are not asking the right questions. I heard someone say "If you want better answers, ask better questions." I believe I ask better questions :)

And my answer to both questions is no.

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"Would an educated person drink Coca Cola"