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I recently started using this site to find people to do some online work for me. I want to write about some of my feeliings, thoughts, experiences with it.

First, I feel encouraged. I feel a little optimistic. I feel less alone than before I found it. I feel more appreciated. I feel more cared about, more supported. Read more

Spending time on this site has inspired many ideas. One of them is my idea to look for people to help me make the world a better place. Another is to look for people who care more about helping others than they care about making money.


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Making the world a better place

This was the title of one of my job postings To my surprise I got quite a few responses

I will probably write more about this later, but for now I will say that I have been talking with someone in Australia who I call MJ. I guess I need to make a page about him, because we are talking about a lot of interesting things. So I will do that now. Ok here is his page.

People who care more about helping others than they care about making money

One day as I was looking thru the freelance database I came across the profile of a guy in Egypt named Hossam.

Here is my page on him.



I want to explain why I feel more cared about. I met a really sweet person who lives in Indonesia. Since I have been to Indonesia it helps me feel closer to her. I will probably write more about her later but I wanted to say she is the person I think of when I say I feel more cared about.

I met another person who I would call a visioary.I already created one page that talks about him a little. It is called "Did apprentices study for exams?"