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Forgot to ask me how I feel

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"Forgot to ask me how I feel"

I thought of this when the person I have been training to be my VPA - virtual personal assistant - forgot to ask me how I feel. I have been trying to find a VPA for about 3 months now. It has become much more clear to me that if I am going to have any kind of ongoing relationship, either working or personal, or a combination of both, I need to feel cared about by the other person. As I see it, if you don't ask someone how they feel you don't care, or at least not very much, and in my case not enough to make a sustainable relationship.

Earlier tonight I posted the search results for "if you don't ask, you don't care"

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S. Hein
March 23, 2018
Punta Arenas, Chile

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Update- March 26

the girl was named amalia - she said something she knew was going to hurt me - i read it and didnt reply. she has never contacted me again. she forgot to ask me how i felt when i read what she wrote.

she might have made it simple for me or simpler by saying  "i know this will hurt you. i feel bad about that. i am sorry. i would like to know truthfully how hurt you felt by it. and how much u believe me when i say it wasn't my intention to hurt u, but just to protect myself. i still want to keep working with you. i still want to be your friend. i still care about you and about how you feel"