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Caring vs Control

Gmail's password resetting system


Do the people who control Gmail care about our feelings? Do they care how frustrated we are with their password re-set system?

Here is a note I left them. I was trying to re-set my password. They sent a code to one of my back up accounts and I didn't get it. Instead of giving me the option to simply resend it, they asked for another email address. So I gave them one. Then they come up with this box that says

If you can, briefly tell us why you can’t access your account. Google will get back to you in 3-5 business days.

I just laughed.

Good thing I don't have to access the account now.

Here is the screen shot

And I wrote them this message:


can i also tell you how i feel?

i would really like it if a real human would email me at any of these accounts...



eqi.org2 (at) gmx.com

i feel........... almost killed by this question.... it seems so obvious that i simply forgot the password.

and what is this "if you can"

does that mean it is not required to type anything here?


*shakes head

please see my websites


or eqi.org

if u want to know who I am.

I have a lot of different projects and i used different email accounts for different projects and different reasons.

the gmail password re-setting system being so complicated and restrictive that it is one of the reasons I looked for an alternative a few years ago and found gmx.

now I use gmx more than gmail

i write about caring and control

you can google caring vs control and it is likely u will see that my writing is in the top 5

i will put an edited copy of this on that p


When I was typing it stopped me from finishing the sentence. There was no warning. No error message. But I can assume the programmers limited the number of characters you can enter. It would help if they would say "Max x characters " and they show you when you are approaching the limit. *shakes head....

Btw - people at google and gmail - if u read this i can supply you with people who are "highly sensitive" and "highly intelligent" and they can give you very specific feedback about how an intelligent, sensitive person feels when they use your computer programs. I use to program so I know a bit about coding, and I will say I was very "successful" because I paid close attention to the customer's feelings. But I didn't use the term "experience" as is the fashion now :)


Btw - if anyone wants to comment on this page, here is my contact info

Notice that is a gmx account


And has been for a long time now....

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