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Can Psychology Professors Talk About Their Feelings?


Today I was wondering if psychology professors could say "I feel defensive" and then put a number on how defensive they feel. So I googled this....

I thought of this because I was thinking about my talk with "Dave" last night. I asked Dave if he was feeling defensive about something I said. I put the question to him this way I think: If I asked you how defensive you felt, what number would you put on it?"

I asked him that way to make it a bit less direct and personal than saying "How defensive are you feeling, from 0-10?"

I was afraid if I asked him that directly he would not be able to give me a number.

Anyhow, he did give me a number. He said 8.

So as my thoughts strolled around - notice I deliberately did not say "bounced" or "jumped" around - I thought of some university students (or sensitive, damaged humans who are being trained to keep other humans in the sick system - haha) who I have been talking to, and I thought of asking them to try to ask their professors some questions that would probably make them feel defensive, and then asking the students to ask the professors how defensive they felt from 0-10.

Now I can predict that most university students will be afraid to ask their professors these questions. I can also predict that most psych students will not be able to say something as direct and simple as "I feel afraid of asking those questions."

I will send this page to one friend in England who is being trained to keep people in the system. I will also ask her here to tell me how defensive she feels when she reads that I am now calling people like her "sensitive, damaged humans who are being trained to keep other humans in the sick system". ha ha Hug to her.

She recently told me she has been going to bible study classes by the way. She believes in something like the mainstream god. Knowing these things is very painful for me. There are other things I know about her and her life which are painful. I wonder now if she feels a lot of pain when she thinks about me and my life.

She does not know who her father is, by the way. Her mother knows, but refuses to tell her.

She reminds me just a bit of Steff. Steph Porter. Oh, Steph or Steff threatened to sue me once if I didn't take her name off my site. So she can threaten me again if she reads this. Vicky Haberski can threaten me, too! :)

Hug to VTL if she wants one.

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